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Window accessories

Numerous accessories are available for windows that enhance comfort.


All our glass comes standard with a selective glass element filled with argon gas.
With different glass solutions, windows can be modified for specific uses and needs.

lammoneristavyysBetter thermal insulation

  • Selective surfaces
  • Spacer's materials and strengths

huurtumattomuusWill not frost

  • Special surface-treated glass

turvallisuusBetter security

  • 6 mm glass
  • Hardened or laminated glass

auringonsuojaSun protection

  • Sun protection glass (clear or coloured)

nakosuojaPrivacy protection

  • Decorative glass


  • Soundproof glass


  • Electrically heated glass

radiosingaaliBetter penetration of radio signals

  • RS-glass elements

Decorative glass

Cotswold pieni

Crepi pieni

Etsattu pieni

Flemish pieni

Kathedral pieni

Maris pieni

Mastercarre pieni

Raakalasi pieni
Raw glass

Thela pieni


Blinds are a good accessory for windows when you want privacy, or want to regulate the amount of light coming into the room. Decisions about blinds should be made when windows are purchased. We install the blinds at the factory, making installation easy and tidy. The standard colour for blinds is white, but there are numerous other options, as well.

Modern integrated blinds

Integrated blinds can be installed in an openable window. Control of the blinds is done with a knob on the interior surface of the inner sash, which is on the other side of the window as the hinges. The integrated blinds used by Alavus Ikkunat Oy are the only model proven to be tight-fitting and therefore also suitable for energy class A windows.

Alavus Ikkunat integroitavat sadekaihtimet 1Alavus Ikkunat integroitavat sadekaihtimet 2


Traditional blinds with control rod

Traditional blinds with a control rod can also be installed in windows. This is the only alternative when blinds are needed for a fixed window or balcony door.

Ventilation fittings

Ventilation fittings can also be added as an accessory for openable windows, in which case the ventilation portion is equipped with an espagnolette lock system and Morite venting hardware as well as a fixed handle.

Ventilation window´s standard handle

morite aukipitolaite
Ventilation window standard venting
is metal Morite

Insect screens

(Photo: ©Solar)

An excellent accessory for the ventilation window is an aluminium frame insect screen. The insect screen is delivered separately, but installation is easy using the instructions provided. We recommend removing insect screens for the winter, as small birds may damage it by pecking at insects stuck to it. Insect screens can be ordered with a traditional plastic screen or a more durable aluminium screen.

Detachable lattices

Lattices make windows attractive and individual. Window washing is still easy, as the lattice is removable.
The lattice that is compatible with aluminium windows is 25 mm wide aluminium. The aluminium lattice is installed in the exterior sash at the factory.

Lattices for wood windows (MSE, MEK) can be made from wood or plastic.

Genuine window panes

Fixed window panes can be used to make genuine-looking panes that mimic mullions for openable float glass windows. Fixed window panes are a more economical option compared to genuine mullions. Width options are 32 mm and 64 mm.

Genuine window panes can also be made for the exterior sash of openable wood windows. Available widths are 34 mm and 68 mm.

aidot ulkopuitejaot
Genuine aluminium window panes 32 mm and 64 mm 

Fresh air vents and supply air vents

Fres air vents

When a building has pressurised used air exchange, fresh air can be directed into the building in a controlled way through fresh air vents installed in the windows' frames. Installation of vents is recommended as part of renovations, as the building's impermeability may increase and cause pressured ventilation to stop working. Measurement and location of fresh air vents is always done separately for each room in the space being renovated.

Supply air windows

tuloilmaikkuna1When a building has a constantly running mechanical ventilation system, a good replacement air solution is supply air vents installed in windows. The advantage of a supply air window vent is warming of supply air when it is circulated in the space between the window's sashes. The vent also has a summer position that enables conducting fresh, unheated supply air directly through the vent into the room.


Summer position

Winter position


Options for inner sash 

Inner sash normally has Modern straight sash model MSEA (V), but for an extra cost you can also choose Classic a shaped sash model MSEA .

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