Alavus ikkunat ja ovet
  • Alavus ulko-ovet
    An Alavus exterior door is a stylish entrance to your home

    Alavus's exterior door collection will always offer you a door to your liking, which you can enhance with fixed or openable sidelights.

  • Alavus parvekeovet
    A quality balcony door enhances your home

    Doors manufactured to customers' specification are made to be compatible with windows.

  • Alavus ulko- ja parvekeovet
    Extensive collection of exterior and balcony doors

    Alavus Ikkunat's imposing, quality doors are easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Balcony and terrace doors from a Finnish manufacturer

Our range offers four different options for your balcony or terrace door. Aluminium surface doors, IOU/A, and IPO/A, are designed to be compatible with aluminium windows. These aluminium surface doors stand up well to weather variations, water and sun, making them extremely well suited even for challenging conditions. Aluminium surface doors are available in 130, 150, 170 and 210 mm frame depth and the door measurements can be selected freely.

IOU Energy and Arctic panel door is structurally the same as an exterior door. Due to the LC-102 lock case the door is opened and closed by turning the handle. If needed, the door can be equipped with an espagnolette lock system and venting hardware, so it is suitable for example for balcony ventilation use. IOU-balcony doors are available with 70 and 80 mm door leaf and in 130, 170 and 210 mm frame depth and the door measurements can be selected freely.


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