Alavus ikkunat ja ovet

Accessories for Alavus Doors

We deliver locks and handles as well as numerous accessories with our doors, which add to the doors' functionalities. Some accessories are factory-installed.

Exterior door accessories

  • lock cylinder
  • handle
  • mail slot
  • round plate ventilation valve
  • burglary protection plate
  • doorbell
  • door pump
  • peep-hole
  • kick-plate
  • machining and electric casings for electric fittings
  • safety lock

Alavus ovet Abloy CY001 avainpesa
Abloy CY001 lock cylinder


Crepi patterned glass is standard in our exterior doors, but you can also choose another decorative glass. Clear glass and coloured glass is also an option.

Dekorative glass

Cotswold pieni
Cotswold (Kura)

Crepi pieni

Etsattu pieni

Flemish pieni

Kathedral pieni

Maris pieni

Raakalasi pieni

Exterior door handles

Painikke-Abloy-Forum Cr-Alavus-ulko-ovet
Forum CR (chrome)

Painikke-Abloy-Forum Hcr-Alavus-ulko-ovet
Forum HCR (satin-chromed)

Painikke-Abloy-Domus Jva-Alavus-ulko-ovet
Domus JVA (white)

Painikke-Abloy-Domus Cr-Alavus-ulko-ovet
Domus CR (chrome)

Painikke-Abloy-Duetto Cr-Alavus-ulko-ovet
Duetto CR (chrome)

Mail slots and doorbell

Abloy mail slot PRIMO 31
Abloy mail slot PRIMO 31
(can be installed vertically)

Abloy mail slot DF60 + 63
Abloy mail slot DF60 + 63
(can be installed vertically or horizontally)

Abloy doorbell DF64
Abloy doorbell DF64

IOU/A and IPO/A balcony door accessories

  • lock cylinder
  • blinds with control rod
  • detachable lattice
  • rollable insect screen (IOU/A)
  • multi-function closer (IOU/A)

Alavus ovet Abloy CY803 avainpesa
Abloy CY803 lock cylinder

Sadekaihdin IOU A ja IPO A parvekeoven
IOU/A blinds

parvekeovi hyttyspuite
Rollable insect screen (Photo: ©Solar)

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