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Alavus Ikkunat Oy continues the traditions of Alavus windows and balcony doors that began in 1917


Suomen Asiakastieto Oy awarded Alavus Ikkunat Oy with a Rating Alfa credit rating.
You can view the Strongest in Finland 2018 certificate here.
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Puuteollisuusyrittäjät ry awarded Alavus Ikkunat Oy in Vaasa on 4.5.2018 for 15-year membership with Puusepäntaito plaque
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Alavus city awarded Alavus Ikkunat Oy with Alavus medal
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Suomen Asiakastieto Oy awarded Alavus Ikkunat Oy with a Rating Alfa credit rating.
You can view the Strongest in Finland 2017 certificate here. 
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At the factory and pre-Christmas party employees with over 10-year history with Alavus Ikkunat Oy received
a Suomen Yrittäjät silver cross.
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Suomen Asiakastieto Oy awarded Alavus Ikkunat Oy with a Rating Alfa credit rating.

 SV LOGO Alavus Ikkunat Oy 2016

Office extension adding four new rooms was completed at the end of August. The same project also saw the office get a new impressive glass façade and a fancy logo billboard on the roof


Along with our new export ventures we created English and Swedish versions of our website.

New website www.alavusfönsterochdö was released for the Swedish market.


The Tampere office moved to a new location on Possijärvenkatu.

The Jyväskylä office moved to a new location on Ahjokatu, where we also opened an outlet store.

Our logo was updated for the 21st century

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Alavus Ikkunat Oy was named Alavus's business of the year.
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A new sales office was opened in Jyväskylä

Alavus Ikkunat took part in the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries' wood product division's news conference on 16 September 2014 and made the "Window renovation in winter" presentation. 


We celebrated our tenth anniversary on 7 January 2013, and awarded medals to a total of 19 people who had been with the company from the very start.


New triple-glass low energy windows were introduced to market.

Sales office opened in Nekala in Tampere.

Fasadi exterior door collection was expanded.


EK/A fixed window added to product family.

Sales office opened in Loimaa.


Sales office opened in Turku

Alavus Ikkunat Oy's logo registered as a trademark

Use of door-painting robot started


In a comparison by the TM Rakennusmaailma magazine 1/2009, Alavus Ikkunat Oy's low energy window was awarded three stars.

A new office building was opened in Rantatöysä.



Alavus Ikkunat Oy introduced its own Fasadi exterior door collection


An extension of the production area (2635m²) was completed at the end of 2007, providing a total of 5400m² of production space and about 800m² of warehouse space.

The extension houses a new painting line that enabled us to switch to environmentally friendly water-based paints.


Alavus Ikkunat Oy overwhelmingly won the TM Rakennusmaailma magazine's comparison test, in which Finland's nine leading window manufacturers' products were ranked in order of quality.


As a result of corporate reorganisations at Alavuden Puunjalostustehdas Oy in the beginning of the 2000s, Alavus Ikkunat Oy was established to carry on strong traditions of the construction carpentry industry.

Alavus Ikkunat Oy's founders and other personnel are former Alavuden Puunjalostustehdas Oy employees, so more than 90 years of expertise is continuing at Alavus Ikkunat Oy's production plants in Rantatöysä in Alavus.

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